Overlay : A mobile application to maintain awareness in automated driving

Bachelor thesis, HES-SO // University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, 2019

  • 1 student to supervise.
  • The student worked full-time for 3 months.
  • Approximately 1 meeting per month.

Context of the project

To date, technological advances have made it possible to automate vehicles. For example, a level 2 automated car offers partial autonomy, i.e. the system can manage the acceleration, deceleration and steering of a vehicle thanks to the information perceived by various vehicle sensors. However, vehicle automation still causes road accidents during testing. This is why the HumanTech Institute, in collaboration with He-Arc and the University of Freiburg, has launched the “Ad Vitam” project to explore new concepts of Human-Vehicle interaction to maintain driver’s situation awareness and make future driving safer. The goal of the Overlay project is to create is an Android mobile application allowing a driver in an automated car todo a Non-Driving-Related task on a tablet while receiving information about the car’s environement. The goal was to build a first prototype of the application.

Tasks done by the student

  • State of the art of possible technologies : split-screen, transparent layout, services, picture in picture, notifications
  • Identifying the information that need to be conveyed to the driver
  • Design of the data structure format for sending information from the simulator to the tablet : frame in JSON format
  • Mock-up of the application design
    • global design
    • modules
    • icons
  • Conception of the mobile application : class diagram
  • Implementaton of the mobile application in Java (Android Studio)
    • global design
    • resources management : images and audio
    • receiving data from the driving simulator
  • Evaluation of the application
    • Functional tests
    • User tests : Evaluation of the efficiency the elements integrated in the scenario, based on user ratings